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Staff Sends Recommendation Related to Power Reactor Subsequent License Renewal

The NRC Staff issued COMSECY-14-0015, (dated April 23, 2014), “Security Inspections at U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission Decommissioning Power Reactors,” which informs the NRC of the staff’s intended approach for security inspections at decommissioning power reactors.  The staff re-examined the current approach to security inspections at these facilities, and specifically the potential need for NRC-conducted force-on-force inspections, based on recent licensee announcements regarding permanent reactor shutdowns and the 2009 changes in 10 CFR Part 73 security requirements.  As a result of this review, the NRC Staff intends to continue the current practice of security inspections for decommissioning power reactors. Such security inspections do not include NRC-conducted force-on-force inspections, and the NRC Staff’s view is that such inspections are not warranted.   

For COMSECY-14-0015, click here