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NRC Deliberating Draft Final Rule and Draft GEIS Related to Waste Confidence

Today, the NRC's Waste Confidence Directorate sent its "draft final" Waste Confidence Rule and Generic Environmental Impact Statement (GEIS) to the Commission for approval.   The NRC is making the draft versions available, but these draft documents are not yet approved and are not for public comment.  The public comment period on the proposed rule and draft GEIS closed in December 2013.  The Commission will consider the draft versions of the final rule and GEIS and either accept, modify, or disapprove them. 

Now called the "Continued Storage Rule,"  this "draft final" rule represents a generic finding on the environmental impacts of continued storage of spent nuclear fuel beyond the licensed operating life of a reactor.  Responding to comments received on the draft Waste Confidence Rule and GEIS issued in September 2013, the “draft final” rule clarifies that the generic determination applies to license renewal for an independent spent fuel storage installation, reactor construction permits, and early site permits. The draft final rule clarifies how the generic determination will be used in future NRC environmental reviews, and makes changes to improve readability. Finally, the “draft final” rule makes conforming amendments to the determinations on the environmental effects of renewing the operating license of a nuclear power plant to address issues related to the onsite storage of spent nuclear fuel and offsite radiological impacts of spent nuclear fuel and high-level waste disposal.

To access the draft Federal Register notice, click here.

To access the draft Final Rule, click here.

To access the draft GEIS, click here