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NRC Issues Draft Regulatory Guide Related to Medical Evaluation of Personnel

The NRC issued for public comment draft regulatory guide (DG), DG–1141, ‘‘Setpoints for Safety-Related Instruments,” which would be Revision 4 to Regulatory Guide (RG) 1.105.  The DG describes proposed updates to the recommended practices and criteria for determining instrument setpoints and appropriate setpoint related criteria. This DG describes proposed practices and criteria that the staff of the NRC considers acceptable for demonstrating compliance with NRC requirements for ensuring that setpoints for safety related instruments are initially within, and

should remain within, technical specification limits. This DG also proposes practices and criteria for establishing those technical specification limits and ensuring that those limits will adequately support the proper operation of the associated system. Comments are due by September 9, 2014.

To access the Federal Register notice, click here.

To access DG-1310, click here.