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NERC Files Petition for Approval of FAC-001-2 and FAC-002-2

On August 22, 2014, in Docket No. RM14-__, NERC filed a petition for FERC’s approval of proposed Reliability Standards FAC-001-2 and FAC-002-2. Proposed Reliability Standard FAC-001-2 requires that Transmission Owners and applicable Generator Owners document and make Facility interconnection requirements available so that entities seeking to interconnect have the necessary information. Proposed Reliability Standard FAC-002-2 ensures that the reliability impact of interconnecting new or materially modified Facilities is studied. Collectively, proposed Reliability Standards FAC-001-2 and FAC-002-2 ensure that there is appropriate coordination and communication regarding the interconnection of Facilities, which improves the reliability of the Bulk-Power System.

To view NERC’s petition, click here.