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NERC Submits Revisions to the VRFs and VSLs to Certain Reliability Standards

On August 29, 2014 in Dockets RM12-1, RM13-9, RM13-11, and RM13-16, in accordance with Order Nos. 786, 796, and 794 NERC submitted proposed revisions to various Violation Risk Factors (“VRFs”) and Violation Severity Levels (“VSLs”) associated with certain Transmission Planning (“TPL”) Reliability Standards, Generator Verification (“MOD”) Reliability Standards, and Frequency Response and Frequency Bias Setting (“BAL”) Reliability Standards for FERC approval.  Specifically, NERC proposed revisions to the VRFs assigned to TPL-001-4, Requirement R1 and BAL-00301, Requirement R1 and to the VSLs assigned to MOD-026-1, Requirement R6; MOD-027-1, Requirement R5; and BAL-003-1, Requirement R1.  

To view NERC’s petition, click here