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NRC Issues Direct Final Rule Extending Reporting Deadline for Safety Events Involving Special Nuclear Material

The NRC is issuing a direct final rule and a proposed rule to modify licensees’ reporting requirements following a reportable safety event involving special nuclear material.  The reporting requirements, which are found in Appendix A to 10 CFR Part 70, require licensees to notify the NRC within one hour of discovery of a reportable safety event, followed by a written report to be filed within 30 days of the initial report.   The NRC’s new rule increases the time allowed for submitting the written report to 60 days.  The rule also updates Appendix A to clarify licensees’ obligations in certain situations and to remove redundant requirements.  These amendments affect a licensee or an applicant that is, or plans to be, authorized to possess greater than a critical mass of special nuclear material.  As a result of this proposed rule, the NRC’s ‘‘FCSS [Fuel Cycle Safety and Safeguards] Interim Staff Guidance-12, Revision 1, 10 CFR Part 70, Appendix A— Reportable Safety Events,’’ will contain minor updates that reflect the amendments in this rulemaking. Comments are due on the proposed rule by October 27, 2014, but the rule will go into effect on January 26, 2015 unless significant adverse comments are received.

To access the Federal Register notice, click here.