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NRC Issues Vol. 3 of Yucca Mountain Safety Evaluation Report

The NRC staff has published Volume 3 of its safety evaluation report (SER) on Yucca Mountain, which covers the period after the repository would be permanently closed.  The staff found that the DOE has demonstrated compliance with post-closure safety regulations, including those contained in 10 CFR Part 63, Subparts E and L. 

The staff published Volume 1 of the SER in August 2010—before the DOE moved to withdraw the application and Congress stopped appropriating funds for the NRC’s review.  The publication of Volume 3 follows the D.C. Circuit’s opinion issued in August 2013, in which the court ordered the NRC to resume processing the DOE’s application using funds from the Nuclear Waste Fund.  According to the NRC’s press release issued alongside Volume 3, the staff intends to publish Volumes 2, 4, and 5 by January 2015.  The press release also explains that the publication of Volume 3 does not signal the NRC’s intention to authorize construction of the repository. 

To view Volume 3 of the SER, click here.

To view the NRC press release, click here.