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FERC Approves Revisions to VRF and VSL for Various Transmission Planning, Generator Verification, and Frequency Response Reliability Standards

On November 26, 2014, in Docket Nos. RM12-1, RM13-9, RM13-11, and RM13-16, FERC issued a letter order approving NERC’s proposed revisions to the Violation Risk Factors (VRF) assigned to Reliability Standard TPL-001-4, Requirement R1 and Reliability Standards BAL-003-1, Requirement R1 and revisions to the Violation Severity Levels (VSL) assigned to Reliability Standard MOD-026-1, Requirement R6, Reliability Standard MOD-027-1, Requirement R5, and Reliability Standard BAL-003-1, Requirement R1.  On August 29, 2014, in response to FERC Order Nos. 786, 794, and 796, NERC filed a petition seeking approval of the above VRF and VSL.  No interventions, comments, or protests were filed.

To view FERC’s letter order, click here.