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NRC Staff Releases Final Two Volumes of Yucca Mountain Safety Evaluation Report

NRC staff has published Volumes 2 and 5 of the safety evaluation report (SER) on Yucca Mountain.  Volume 2 evaluates the repository’s safety before permanent closure.  The staff found, subject to the conditions identified in Volume 2, that the DOE’s design complies with the NRC’s pre-closure safety requirements in 10 CFR Part 63.  Volume 5 documents all of the staff’s conditions on construction authorization (including those contained in other Volumes), the staff’s review of probable subjects of license specifications, and the staff’s overall findings.  The staff found that the DOE has met all applicable requirements in 10 CFR Part 63 except those related to ownership of land and water rights (as indicated in Volume 4 of the SER).

With the publication of Volumes 2 and 5, the staff has completed the Yucca Mountain SER.  While Volume 5 contains the staff’s proposed conditions on construction authorization, the staff is not recommending construction authorization at this time because the DOE has not satisfied NRC regulations related to land and water rights and the NRC has not completed a supplemental environmental impact statement.

To view Volume 2 of the SER, click here.

To view Volume 5 of the SER, click here.