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NRC Revises Draft Regulatory Basis to Clarify Part 21 Reporting Requirements

The NRC has issued Revision 1 of a Draft Regulatory Basis that describes the need to simply and clarify 10 CFR Part 21, “Reporting of Defects and Noncompliance.”  Part 21 describes the obligations of suppliers, contractors, and operators to inform the NRC of safety defects or nonconformance with safety regulations.  The NRC explained in its discussion in the Draft Regulatory Basis that, in the NRC’s view, the current Part 21 rules present unnecessary compliance challenges.  Accordingly, the NRC has conducted an internal review and has held a series of public meetings to gather input for ways to improve these regulations.  The NRC issued Revision 0 of the Draft Regulatory Basis in December 2012.  Revision 1 updates the document based on industry feedback and further staff review.  The NRC intends to host additional public meetings to discuss its plan; notice of meetings will be published in the Federal Register.

To access Revision 1 of the Draft Regulatory Basis, click here.