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NRC to Undertake Rulemaking to Extend Completeness and Accuracy of Information Rules to Non-Licensees

The NRC intends to undertake rulemaking to extend its regulations regarding completeness and accuracy of information to include non-licensees.  Currently, only licensees and applicants for licenses are subject to these rules, which require entities to provide the Commission with information that is complete and accurate in all material respects and to update the NRC as necessary.  The NRC received a petition for rulemaking (PRM) requesting that the NRC extend the completeness and accuracy of information requirement to include non-licensees who submit information to the NRC; e.g., vendors who submit topical reports or contractors who submit information related to quality assurance programs.  The NRC agrees that non-licensees should be subject to the same requirements as licensees.  Accordingly, the NRC will consider the PRM in the rulemaking process.

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