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NRC Issues Draft RIS for Development of PARs for Members of the Public on Bodies of Water within a Reactor’s EPZ

The NRC has issued a draft Regulatory Issue Summary (RIS) addressing the development of protective action recommendations (PARs) for members of the public on bodies of water within a nuclear power reactor’s plume exposure pathway emergency planning zone (EPZ).  The draft RIS is intended to clarify the NRC’s position regarding compliance with emergency planning regulations (10 CFR 50.47), which require reactor licensees to develop PARs for members of the public within their EPZ.  Specifically, the draft RIS is intended to clarify that bodies of water within the plume exposure pathway EPZ must be included in PAR development.  Comments on the draft RIS are due by July 10, 2015.

 To view the Federal Register entry, click here.

 To view RIS 2015-XX, click here.