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NRC Publishes Draft Regulatory Basis to Support Revised Financial Qualification Requirements

The NRC is seeking public comment on a draft regulatory basis to support rulemaking to amend the NRC’s financial qualifications requirements for reactor licensees.  In April 2014, the Commission approved the staff’s plan to revise the existing Part 50 financial qualifications requirements for nuclear reactors to match the Part 70 requirements for fuel cycle facilities.  This change would allow NRC to issue licenses to applicants who have 50 percent or less funding at the time the license is issued, provided that the applicant submits a plan for financing construction and operation of the facility and is subject to a license condition that ensures funding is in place before construction begins.  The regulatory basis explains the reasons for revising the current Part 50 regulations and discusses the costs and other impacts of the proposed rulemaking.  The NRC plans to hold a public meeting to discuss the draft regulatory basis.  Comments are due on August 3, 2015.

To view the Federal Register notice, click here.

To view the draft regulatory basis, click here.