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NRC Seeks Input on Draft Cornerstone Document to Support Revisions to the Fuel Cycle Oversight Process

The NRC is requesting public comment on a draft cornerstone technical document that will be used to support the NRC’s development of revisions to its Fuel Cycle Oversight Process (FCOP).  In a 2012 staff requirements memorandum, the Commission directed staff to develop enhancements to the FCOP to transition to a more risk informed, performance based process, beginning with the development of fuel cycle facility cornerstones—i.e., the aspects of licensee performance that merit regulatory oversight—based on hazards analyses and tailored to fuel facility operations. The draft technical document identifies recommended cornerstones, key attributes of licensee performance required to meet cornerstone objectives, and areas the NRC will need to inspect to verify that objectives are met.  The technical document also provides a detailed description of the staff’s methodology and technical basis for each of its recommendations.  The NRC will consider public comments prior to finalizing the technical document and revisions to the FCOP.  Comments are due by July 13, 2015.

 To view the Federal Register notice, click here.

 To view the cornerstone document, click here.