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NRC Approves Changes to ROP

The Commission has issued a Staff Requirements Memorandum (SRM) approving the recommendation made by NRC Staff in SECY-15-0108 to revise the definition of degraded cornerstone as used in the Reactor Oversight Process (ROP) Action Matrix. The ROP Action Matrix assesses a licensee’s performance across seven aspects of facility operation, called cornerstones. Currently, when two white-level inputs are in the same cornerstone, it is considered a degraded cornerstone in the ROP. With this SRM, the Commission approved a change requiring three white-level inputs. After performing a risked informed evaluation, the Staff concluded, and the Commission agreed, that three white inputs in the same cornerstone were more indicative of a degraded cornerstone than only two white inputs. The Commission also directed the Staff to revise Inspection Procedure 95001, “Supplemental Inspection for One or Two White Inputs in a Strategic Performance Area,” to include additional resources and guidance to be used to review licensee common cause analyses when a licensee has a second white input in the same cornerstone. These changes will take effect in January 2016 and do not alter the current oversight status of any plants.

To view the Staff Requirements Memorandum, click here.

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