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NRC Seeks Public Comment on Draft Subsequent License Renewal Guidance

The NRC is seeking public comment regarding newly released drafts of guidance for subsequent license renewal (SLR) of nuclear power plants.  The two draft guidance documents, “Generic Aging Lessons Learned for Subsequent License Renewal (GALL-SLR) Report” and “Standard Review Plan for Review of Subsequent License Renewal Applications for Nuclear Power Plants (SRP-SLR) Report”, are modeled after the current guidance pertaining to initial license renewal. The draft GALL-SLR report and draft SRP-SLR report are meant to provide the methods and techniques acceptable to the NRC in reviewing SLR of nuclear power plants beyond the initial license renewals that authorized operation out to 60 years. The draft guidance describes the appropriate aging management programs for nuclear power plant operation for up to 80 years. The NRC will hold public meetings to present information, answer questions, and receive comments on January 21, January 22, and February 23, 2016. The deadline for comments on the draft guidance is February 29, 2016.

Federal Register notice is expected by December 22, 2015.

To view the NRC press release, click here