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NRC Revises Fiscal Year 2016 Fee Schedule

The NRC has amended its licensing, inspection, and annual fees charged to applicants and licensees for Fiscal Year 2016. The NRC recovers approximately 90% of its budget through fees, with the remainder being appropriated to the NRC by the federal government. The NRC’s $1,002.1 million budget is a $13.2 million decrease from 2015 and requires the NRC to recover $883.4 million through fees from applicants and licensees. The NRC has reduced its hourly rate for providing specific services from $268 per hour in 2015 to $265 per hour in 2016. Annual fees for operating power reactors decreased from $4,807,000 in 2015 to $4,659,000 per reactor. The decrease in annual fees is a result of an additional reactor being added to the fleet at Watts Bar, as well as a decrease in expected new-reactor activities. Finally, the NRC will begin recovering fees for time and resources expended where third-parties seek NRC employees to produce information and/or provide testimony in outside litigation where neither the NRC nor United States is a party.

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