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NRC Publishes Final ITAAC Hearing Procedures

The NRC has finalized generic procedures for conducting hearings on whether the acceptance criteria corresponding to ITAAC in new reactors’ licenses have been satisfied. ITAAC (inspections, tests, analyses, and acceptance criteria) are the means of verifying that a reactor has been constructed and will be operated in accordance with its license. Prior to the Commission’s 10 CFR 52.103(g) finding authorizing fuel load for of a newly constructed reactor, the Commission must find that all acceptance criteria have been satisfied. Commission regulations afford an opportunity to request a hearing on whether acceptance criteria have been satisfied. The final procedures published today provide generic procedures for ITAAC hearings, subject to modification in case-specific orders, to ensure that the Commission has a procedural framework in place prior to the first new reactors’ 103(g) findings. These final procedures are the product of NRC staff and the Commission efforts, along with stakeholder input, since 2013.

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