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NRC Requests Comment on Non-LWR Mission Readiness Plan

The NRC is requesting comment on the draft document “NRC Vision and Strategy: Safely Achieving Effective and Efficient Non-Light Water Reactor Mission Readiness.” The draft document explains the NRC’s vision, mission, and strategic goals for non-light water reactors (“non-LWRs”) and outlines the supporting strategies and actions needed to reach those objectives. The draft document notes that although the NRC could review and license non-LWRs in its current regulatory framework, it recognizes the benefits of having a flexible regulatory environment and needs to consider the effects of a more dynamic domestic regulatory environment and a globalized non-LWR industry. The approach outlined in the draft document has two phases, both of which began in 2016. The first is a conceptual planning phase used to lay out the vision and strategy and finalize the NRC approach. Phase 2 includes implementation of the plan and task execution with a target completion date of no later than 2025. The NRC’s intends to take a technology neutral approach and provide regulatory certainty to the non-LWR industry. Comments are due by September 19, 2016.

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