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NRC Issues RIS Regarding LARs for Changes to Emergency Response Organization Staffing

The NRC has issued Regulatory Issue Summary (“RIS”) 2016-10, “License Amendment Requests for Changes to Emergency Response Organization Staffing and Augmentation.”  This RIS is intended to inform licensees of applications of guidance documents to support license amendment requests (“LARs”) that change emergency response organization arrival times.  The NRC issued the RIS in response to several LARs seeking to change emergency response organization staffing commitments by extending the augmentation time for certain positions, or eliminating the staffing for positions entirely.  The RIS specifically clarifies the application of NEI 10-05 for the justification of proposed staffing changes.  The RIS also provides examples of the scope and detail of information that should be provided in the LARs in order to facilitate NRC review.

To view the Federal Register entry, click here