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NRC Staff Issues SECY Regarding Fee Setting Improvements

The NRC Staff has issued for Commission vote SECY-16-0097, “Fee Setting Improvements and Fiscal Year 2017 Proposed Fee Rule.” SECY-16-0097 identifies proposed changes for the fiscal year 2017 that would increase transparency in its fee setting procedures. Specifically, these changes would provide more information to stakeholders and facilitate the publishing of the 2017 fee rule earlier in the year. The SECY also requests Commission approval to further analyze four long-term improvements as policy issues. These proposed improvements are: (1) modify the annual fee based on the size of the licensed facility; (2) charge operating reactors a combined fee under 10 CFR Parts 170 and 171 as opposed to both hourly fees for services and an annual fee; (3) charge a flat fee for each license amendment review and other similar, routine activity for materials program licensees; and (4) charge hourly fees for all contested hearings. Finally, the SECY provides an estimated fiscal year 2017 schedule for issuing the proposed and final versions of the 2017 fee rule.

To view SECY-16-0097, click here.