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NRC Requests Comments on Proposed FFD Enforcement Policy Revision

The NRC has issued a proposed revision to Section 4.1, “Considerations in Determining Enforcement Actions Involving Individuals,” of its Enforcement Policy that would indicate that the NRC would no longer pursue enforcement actions against individuals for Fitness-for-Duty (“FFD”) Drug and Alcohol related violations.  This change arises from the NRC’s efforts to properly manage resources and the NRC Staff’s recommendation for creating efficiencies in the Enforcement Process, in part by reducing FFD case processing.  The NRC concluded that, typically, licensees effectively process FFD violations and impose appropriate sanctions under 10 CFR Part 26 before the NRC has implemented the process to investigate the incident.  The revision includes a limited exception to the proposal to not process FFD cases.  In situations where the NRC Staff identifies an apparent breakdown of the licensee’s FFD program itself, the NRC would review and consider the issue for NRC enforcement actions. Comments on the proposed revision are due by November 4, 2016.

To view the Federal Register notice, click here.