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NRC Requests Comments on Guidance Regarding Mitigation Strategies for Beyond-Design-Basis Events

The NRC is requesting comments on the draft document “Compliance with Order EA-12-049, Order Modifying Licenses with Regard to Requirements for Mitigation Strategies for Beyond-Design-Basis External Events” (JLD-ISG-2012-01). JLD-ISG-2012-01 endorses guidance contained in NEI 12-06, which contains strategies on addressing beyond-design-basis events associated with loss of a large area due to explosions and fire.  The NRC is seeking comments due to recent changes in NEI 12-06.  Specifically, the NRC requests comments on: (1) justifications for extending allowable outage times for the capability to mitigate a beyond-design-basis external event, (2) appropriate methods of control of pre-staging of equipment for shutdown risk management, and (3) approaches on conducting seismic mitigating strategies assessments.  Comments are due by December 12, 2016.

To view the Federal Register Notice, click here.