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NRC Requests Comments on Guidance Regarding Mitigation Strategies for Beyond-Design-Basis Events

The NRC is requesting comments on the draft document “Compliance with Order EA-12-049, Order Modifying Licenses with Regard to Requirements for Mitigation Strategies for Beyond-Design-Basis External Events” (JLD-ISG-2012-01). JLD-ISG-2012-01 endorses guidance contained in NEI 12-06, which contains strategies on addressing beyond-design-basis events associated with loss of a large area due to explosions and fire.  The NRC is seeking comments due to recent changes in NEI 12-06.  Specifically, the NRC requests comments on: (1) justifications for extending allowable outage times for the capability to mitigate a beyond-design-basis external event, (2) appropriate methods of control of pre-staging of equipment for shutdown risk management, and (3) approaches on conducting seismic mitigating strategies assessments.  Comments are due by December 12, 2016.