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NRC Issues Draft Regulatory Guide on Principal Design Criteria for Non-LWRs

The NRC is issuing for public comment draft regulatory guide (DG), DG-1330, “Guidance for Developing Principal Design Criteria for Non-Light Water Reactors.” The DG provides guidance to designers, applicants, and licensees of non-light water cooled nuclear reactors (non-LWR) for developing principal design criteria (PDC) for a proposed facility. This DG describes the NRC’s proposed guidance on how the general design criteria (GDC) in Part 50, Appendix A apply to non-LWR designs. The DG also describes the NRC’s proposed guidance for modifying and supplementing the GDC to develop PDC that address two specific non-LWR design concepts: sodium-cooled fast reactors (SFRs) and modular high temperature gas-cooled reactors (mHTGRs). Comments are due by April 4, 2017.

To view the Federal Register Notice, click here.