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NRC Issues Draft Regulatory Basis for Decommissioning Rule

The NRC is issuing a draft regulatory basis for a future power reactor decommissioning rule. In the draft regulatory basis, Regulatory Improvements for Power Reactors Transitioning to Decommissioning, the Commission concludes there is sufficient justification to proceed with rulemaking in the areas of emergency preparedness, physical security, decommissioning trust funds, offsite and onsite financial protection requirements and indemnity agreements, and application of the backfit rule. The Commission also suggests that guidance should be used to address the role of state and local governments in the decommissioning process, NRC review of post-shutdown decommissioning activities reports (PSDARs), and whether to revise the 60-year limit for decommissioning. Comments received on the draft document will be considered as the Commission develops the final regulatory basis, expected to be published late 2017.

To view the Draft Regulatory Basis, click here.