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NRC issues draft regulatory basis on EP requirements for SMRs and Other New Technologies

The NRC is requesting comment on a draft regulatory basis to support a rulemaking that would develop new emergency preparedness (EP) requirements for small modular reactors (SMRs) and other new technologies (ONTs), such as non-light water reactors (non-LWRs) and medical isotope production facilities. The objectives of this rulemaking effort are to recognize (1) distance to which planning for initiation of predetermined protective actions is warranted, (2) time-dependent characteristics of potential releases and exposures, and (3) isotopic characteristics of radioactive materials that can potentially be released to the environment. The new EP regulations would be applicable to SMR and ONT facilities only. Comments are due by June 27, 2017, and the Commission plans to hold a public meeting during the public comment period for this notice.

To view the Federal Register Notice, click here.