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NRC Issues Draft Regulatory Analysis on Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal

The NRC has issued a draft regulatory analysis, “Draft Regulatory Analysis for Final Rule: Low-Level Radioactive Waste Disposal,” and is seeking comments on specific cost and benefit information. This regulatory analysis relates to a final rule package, published by the Commission in September 2016, involving technical analyses and other requirements permitting the development of site specific waste acceptance criteria (WAC). In response to this final rule package, the Commission issued a staff requirements memorandum (SRM) directing the NRC staff to publish a supplemental proposed rule that is revised to include Commission-directed rule changes. In addition, the Commission directed the NRC staff to be informed of the costs and benefits the proposed rule could have on the U.S. waste disposal system. To support development of the new supplemental proposed rule, the NRC staff is seeking comment on how to improve the approach/methodology and actual cost and benefit data in the final regulatory analysis. Comments are due by November 16, 2017.

To view the Federal Register notice, click here