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NRC Issues Regulatory Basis on Decommissioning Rulemaking

The NRC has issued a regulatory basis to support a rulemaking that would amend the NRC’s regulations for the decommissioning of nuclear power reactors. Staff concluded that it has sufficient justification to proceed with rulemaking to address EP, physical security, cyber security, drug and alcohol testing, training requirements for certified fuel handlers (CFHs), DTFs, financial protection and indemnity agreements, and application of the backfit rule. The NRC is also recommending rulemaking to, among other things, address spent fuel management planning, clarify environmental reporting requirements and remove certain record-retention requirements for structures, systems, and components (SSCs) that no longer remain in service during decommissioning. Additionally, the NRC recommends guidance development and inspection procedure updates for minimum staffing of non-licensed operators and aging management of certain SSCs. The NRC hopes the rulemaking will result in an efficient decommissioning process and reduce the need for exemptions from existing regulations. The NRC plans to publish a proposed rule for public comment in 2018.

To view the Federal Register notice, click here.

To view the Regulatory Basis, click here.