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NRC Dockets Petition for Rulemaking Related to Storage of Spent Nuclear Fuel

The NRC has received a petition for rulemaking requesting amendments to regulations regarding spent nuclear fuel (SNF) storage systems. The petition requests amendments to 10 C.F.R. Part 72. Petitioners assert that Part 72 was developed under the assumption that an SNF repository would be available in 1998. The petition makes 14 contentions that propose specific revisions to Part 72 addressing issues concerning the indefinite SNF storage in dry cask storage systems. The petition requests that Part 72 be revised to require: a 1,000 year design life goal for SNF storage systems; estimates for the operating costs over the design life; determination of the safety margins over the design life; and time limited aging analyses demonstrating that structures, systems and components important to safety will continue to perform for the design life. The petition was docketed on January 22, 2018 and the Commission is requesting public comments by June 5, 2018.

To view the Federal Register notice, click here.

To view the petition, click here.