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NRC Issues Revision to Regulatory Guide on DC, ESP and COL Applications

The NRC has issued Revision 1 to Regulatory Guide 1.206, “Applications for Nuclear Power Plants,” providing updated guidance on format and content of design certification (DC), early site permit (ESP) and combined operating license (COL) applications. This revision incorporates lessons learned from the review of these applications pursuant to 10 C.F.R. Part 52. This revision also removes detailed technical information related to COL applications that was redundant with information in NUREG-800, “Standard Review Plan for the Review of Safety Analysis Reports for Nuclear Power Plants: LWR Edition” (SRP). The NRC is withdrawing four interim staff guidance documents due to their incorporation in this revision of Regulatory Guide 1.206.  

To view the Federal Register notice, click here.

To view Regulatory Guide 1.206, Rev. 1, click here.