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DOE Requests Comment on Petitions for Rulemaking Related to New Nuclear Technology Collaboration

The Department of Energy (DOE) has received two petitions for rulemaking asking DOE to allow States to collaboratively develop new nuclear technologies with DOE. In particular, the petitions ask DOE to issue regulations to: (1) allow States and their agents to collaboratively develop new nuclear technologies with DOE, and under the authority of DOE, to include the development of small nuclear reactors, and (2) establish programs that would allow States to develop collaborative nuclear and nonnuclear laboratories with DOE on currently licensed or formerly licensed nuclear facility grounds, and allow for the construction of collaborative nuclear experimentation containment facility testing platforms. DOE is seeking comments on the petitions as well as any data or information that could be used in DOE’s determination on whether to proceed with the petitions. DOE requests all comments by November 13, 2019.  

To view the Federal Register notice, click here