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NRC Issues Subsequent Renewed License for Lead Applicant, Authorizing Operation for up to 80 Years

The NRC has approved Florida Power & Light’s subsequent license renewal application, allowing Turkey Point Nuclear Generating Units 3 and 4 to operate for an additional twenty years. This marks the first time the NRC has issued a second renewal for an operating license authorizing operation from sixty to eighty years. The NRC issued the initial operating licenses on July 19, 1972, for Unit 3 and April 10, 1973, for Unit 4. The NRC then issued renewed operating licenses for Turkey Point Units 3 and 4 on June 6, 2002. With this approval, Turkey Point Unit 3 and 4’s subsequent renewed licenses expire on July 19, 2052, and April 10, 2053, respectively. The NRC’s total review time took nearly three years. The rationale for the NRC’s decision is incorporated in the staff’s Safety Evaluation Report, issued July 2019. Petitions challenging the application were denied by the NRC’s Atomic Safety and Licensing Board on October 24, 2019. However, those decisions have been appealed to the Commission where they are currently pending.

To view the NRC’s Safety Evaluation Report, click here.

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