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NRC Conducting Retrospective Review of Administrative Requirements

The NRC is conducting a retrospective review of administrative requirements in an effort to identify outdated or duplicative requirements that may be eliminated without an adverse effect on public health and safety, defense and security, environmental protection, or regulatory efficiency. The NRC has developed five final criteria that will be used to identify requirements that should be modified or eliminated:

  1. Routine recordkeeping and reporting submittals that the NRC has not consulted in operations or policy development in the last three years.
  2. Requirements for reports or records that contain information accessible from alternative sources.
  3. Requirements for reports or records that could be modified to result in reduced burden without impacting programmatic needs, efficiency, or transparency.
  4. Recordkeeping and reporting requirements that result in significant burden.
  5. Reports or records used by other agencies, state/local governments or Federally recognized Tribes will not be encompassed in the review provided the information is necessary to support the NRC’s mission.

The NRC is requesting public comment on specific regulations that meet the final criteria. Comments are due by April 6, 2020.

To view the Federal Register notice, click here.