When implementing the Affordable Care Act in the workplace, employers must first understand that the impacts of the ACA extend far beyond the traditional healthcare and labor and employment considerations. Balch & Bingham's ACA Strategists approach the analysis of healthcare reform holistically to provide thoughtful and well-rounded analysis. Attorneys from across the firm's practices, including Healthcare, Labor & Employment, Employee Benefits, Corporate, Tax, Financial Services and Litigation, are well-equipped to handle the array of impacts that the ACA has on all areas of business.

Balch's ACA attorneys regularly provide timely insight and analysis on emerging aspects of the Affordable Care Act, ranging from critical changes to advising on daily implementation of the act.

Our Affordable Care Act Review blog serves as a resource on the Affordable Care Act, a law permeating many practice areas, including labor and employment, tax, employee benefits and healthcare. This blog offers timely and relevant insights, along with practical commentary and analysis from Balch & Bingham’s ACA Strategists.