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Ed R. Haden, partner in the firm’s Birmingham office and chair of the Appellate Practice Group, authored the 2015 edition of LexisNexis’s Alabama Appellate Practice, a practice-oriented resource that assists trial attorneys in handling every stage of the appeal process. The book addresses preserving error in the trial court, waiver rules, whether a judgment is final and appealable, Rule 54(b) certifications, whether an order is subject to mandamus review, post-judgment motions, the mechanics of filing a mandamus petition and a standard appeal, appellate mediation, staying a judgment on appeal, applications for rehearing, amicus briefs and appellate motions. New for the 2015 edition are explanations of recent important decisions on mandamus practice, briefing for cross-appeals, a chart showing the relationships of all Alabama state courts, and updated example filings with the appellate courts.