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Marcus Chatterton Quoted in ABA Litigation News Regarding Data Privacy in Age of Smart Technology

Marcus Chatterton, partner in the firm’s Birmingham office and member of the Intellectual Property/Trademark Practice, was quoted in the feature story of the Summer 2017 edition of ABA Litigation News regarding data privacy in the age of voice-activated technology, a hot topic in the wake of the murder case of Victor Collins, in which law enforcement issued a warrant for data recorded on an Amazon Alexa device in the home that the murder occurred. Amazon opposed that subpoena, insisting that the warrant violated the First Amendment rights of both its customer and of Amazon itself, as the Amazon Alexa is a voice-activated device that uses Amazon’s cloud-based voice service.

In the article, Marcus discusses the discoverable nature of private personal expression as well as Amazon’s partially flawed First Amendment argument. He also explains the importance of technology companies’ commitment to protect their customers’ data privacy, and reflected on the future of data privacy as artificial intelligence and smart devices continue to increase in popularity.