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Lyle Larson Authored Article for Best Lawyers Regarding Increasing Regional “Trapping” of Renewable Power Generation

Lyle Larson, partner in the firm’s Birmingham office and member of the Energy Practice, authored an article for Best Lawyers on October 24, 2017, regarding barriers to the movement of wind and solar energy generated in the southwest and Great Plains region to power markets in the east and southeast.   He discusses how the system for transporting electric power across regional grids have design flaws that have the effect of economically “trapping” wind and solar power where it is generated, which denies the economic benefits of that form of electric generation to retail and wholesale power customers in the east and southeast regions. 

Lyle has extensive experience counseling clients involved in all aspects of the electricity industry, is a former Council member of the ABA Section on Environment, Energy and Natural Resources  and serves as FERC counsel to more than 25 separate market-based rate sellers across the United States. Most often, Lyle works on matters focused on FERC regulation of wholesale power sales, mergers and acquisitions involving renewable power generation projects, and transmission service inside of RTO controlled networks.