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Balch Featured in Workforce Providing Insight on the Firm’s Approach to Caregiving Benefits

Balch & Bingham’s Director of Human Resources, Lisa Arrington, recently provided insight on the importance of family-friendly workplace policies and flexibility to caregivers, for a Workforce article, “Caregiving Perks Enter the 21st Century” published in the March/April 2019 edition. The article focuses on the need for employers to consider a broader definition of “caregiver” as caregiving challenges for employees continue to evolve.

Lisa emphasized the need for employers to listen to their employees to understand their needs and challenges as it relates to taking care of their families. “What are their needs? We have people in all different seasons of life, and those needs are completely different from one another. It’s important to find and target things for each of those different groups,” said Lisa.

Balch & Bingham is committed to family-friendly policies and its support of the modern caregiver, which includes an industry-leading backup child, adult and elder care program to help minimize the challenges of caregiving while at work.