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Brandon N. Robinson Discusses Impact of the New IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act with LegalTech News

Brandon N. Robinson, partner in Balch’s Birmingham office and chair of the firm’s Data Privacy & Security Practice, spoke with LegalTech News on January 11, 2021 regarding the new IoT (Internet of Things) Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020 and potential future impacts to the private sector. Brandon shared that states and other regulators could potentially mirror the new act to strengthen baseline regulations as concerns over increased IoT device usage continue.  

Brandon shares “We can see increasing attention to IoT devices for no other reason [than] that there is more and more of them,” he said. “It’s one more portal and vulnerability to access systems. The more we see hacks and breaches, the more we see an emphasis on securing those Internet-connected devices. I think this act and guidance are significant not only for attorneys that represent federal agencies or contractors that serve them but the potential step into the private industry.”

Brandon counsels clients in a variety of industries regarding cybersecurity and data privacy issues to assist them in proactively managing risks while maintaining innovative customer service. Brandon counsels companies on issues that include data breach management and response, compliance with federal, state, and sectoral privacy laws and regulations, review and drafting of contracts with vendors and other third parties involving customer data and nondisclosure agreements, and the creation and maintenance of company policies and procedures. He also serves as transactional counsel on projects involving technology and data, including drones, broadband infrastructure, data application and transfers, and other emerging technologies. As part of his energy practice, Brandon also represents electric utilities and others in the energy industry on a variety of regulatory and technological compliance issues, including cybersecurity issues related to critical infrastructure protection.

Brandon is the editor of and a frequent contributor to the firm’s Data Privacy & Security Observer Blog, which provides legal updates and thought leadership on data privacy and cybersecurity issues.