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Bloomberg Law Quotes Brandon N. Robinson about New Data Privacy Rights as Colorado and Connecticut Laws Go Live

Brandon N. Robinson, partner in the firm’s Birmingham Office and chair of the Data Privacy & Security Practice interviewed with Bloomberg Law about the implementation of consumer privacy laws in states across the country, as companies prepare for Colorado and Connecticut Laws to come into effect July 1, 2023. 

In the article published on June 7, 2023, Brandon shared his insights on the challenges faced by companies in complying with the growing list of state-level requirements, and how companies can prepare for the resulting medley of data privacy laws. Ten state legislatures have now passed their own data privacy laws, with others awaiting their respective governor’s signatures, posing a moving target for companies to comply with all of them.

“I do think there is a level of anxiety out there about wanting to be compliant with these,” Brandon was quoted as saying. “And I think some of the concern is that every week, we turn on our email, and there’s a new one that’s passed that’s similar but slightly different.”

He highlighted the similarity in the new rights granted to consumers across these laws - such as the right to know what data a company collects and the right to correct or delete that data, and the right to opt out of “sales” and in some cases, targeted advertising - but noted that specific requirements differ.

Brandon further stressed the importance of laying a foundation for compliance as soon as possible, given the limited cure period for fixing violations in states like Connecticut and Colorado.

“We need to get some basics in place and lay that foundation for knowing where your data is, what you do with it, reviewing your contracts, and having the mechanisms in place to respond to consumer requests and to receive them,” he was quoted as saying in the article.

Brandon counsels clients in a wide variety of industries regarding cybersecurity and data privacy issues to assist them in proactively managing risks while maintaining innovative customer service in terms of data breach management and response, compliance with federal, state, and sectoral privacy laws and regulations, review and drafting of contracts with vendors and other third parties involving customer data, nondisclosure agreements, and more.

Brandon is the editor of and a frequent contributor to the firm's Data Privacy & Security Observer Blog, which provides legal updates and thought leadership on data privacy and cybersecurity issues.