Who's Watching the Watchers? The Aftermath of COVID-19 in Assisted Living Communities

Balch’s Shalyn McKitt, an attorney in the Birmingham office, and Samarria Dunson, Of Counsel attorney in the Montgomery office, are members of the firm’s Health Law practice. They presented to the Assisted Living Association of Alabama (ALAA) on September 21, 2021. 

Shalyn and Samarria’s presentation, “Who’s Watching the Watchers?: The Aftermath of COVID-19 in Assisted Living Communities,” discussed issues regarding elder abuse, CARES Act updates and information privacy that have been heightened during the pandemic. Their presentation also hit on key risk factors of elder abuse, how to identify abuse, potential causes of increased elder abuse during COVID-19 and tips for decreasing the risk of elder abuse during the pandemic. 

The Assisted Living Association of Alabama is a non-profit 501 (c)(4) corporation dedicated to education, advocacy and excellence in service to the seniors in Alabama. The mission of the ALAA is to promote and encourage excellence in every aspect of the assisted living industry in Alabama and to be an advocate for the dignity and well-being of Alabama’s senior adults as well as advocate for the members of the ALAA.

Balch attorneys in the healthcare litigation practice have the skills and experience to advise diverse types of healthcare clients with respect to a wide variety of legal, regulatory and reimbursement issues. 

Shalyn is an experienced litigator with a diverse background representing clients in matters concerning health law, employment law, governmental affairs and administrative law and regulatory matters. As a previous litigator for a state government and the federal government, Shalyn gained extensive courtroom experience with complex healthcare issues and a deep understanding for the intricacies of litigation in federal and state courts

Samarria focuses her practice on healthcare compliance and ensuring that healthcare entities attain and maintain compliance with HIPAA and HITECH regulations. She develops policies and procedures, risk assessments, negotiates business associate agreements and provides training to healthcare providers. Samarria has a partnership with the Alabama Medical Association to provide education on HIPAA-related issues to over 7,000 physicians statewide.