More About State Government Relations

Balch & Bingham, on behalf of our clients and the general business community, works with state legislative and executive branches, state Attorneys General, other constitutional officers, and state regulatory agencies. Several of our attorneys are registered lobbyists, which enables our Firm to offer complete government affairs assistance to clients. This work includes assisting clients on a legislative basis with their business needs (e.g., to secure changes in regulatory statutes which permit new business opportunities). In recent years, our state governmental relations practice has included such projects as:

  • Drafting proposed legislation and regulations, and preparing and offering corrective amendments to pending legislation and regulations.
  • Formulating industry and client positions on legislation and regulations.
  • Advising clients about lobbying, campaign finance, political action committees, and ethics laws and regulations.  This work includes establishing and monitoring political action committees.
  • Advising clients on proposed state legislation, agency rules, and regulations.
  • Providing legal advice to governmental entities and officials, state legislators, legislative committees and trade associations.
  • Representing and advising clients in matters before ethics commissions, insurance departments, revenue departments, banking departments, public service commissions, environmental and natural resource agencies and other state agencies and departments.
  • Participating in state law institute committees studying uniform state laws.
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