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Balch & Bingham LLP was founded in 1922 in a small office shared with our first client. With the CEO down the hall, we had to be a lot more than just attorneys – we were business partners. Times have changed, and we’ve grown to over 250 lawyers in seven offices, but we still see client partnering as the key to our stability and success. As a firm, we are particularly proud of our experience representing companies in heavily regulated, transaction-intensive industries, such as banking, energy, insurance and health care, which consistently produce complex and interesting legal work. As a result of that experience, our lawyers are accustomed to handling significant matters, often on a national stage: litigation with billions at stake, transactions regularly in the hundreds of millions, and “bet the company” regulatory proceedings. As you might expect from our firm’s history and culture, we tend to take the long view. This often means delaying short-term gratification in order to make long-term investments in training, technology and infrastructure. In the end, though, it comes back to the people. And in that respect, Balch & Bingham is a special place, full of dynamic, intelligent and friendly people who share a common purpose of helping our clients win, every day. If that sounds interesting, we invite you to review this website or give us a call. We hope you’ll see what we see in the firm: great people, great clients and great careers.