Our Commitment
Our Commitment

A Predictable Experience

Our client service standards guide and inspire us to deliver efficient, responsive and predictable client experiences consistently. We develop a tailored approach to suit the needs of each client and its goals best. We customize our reporting, budgeting and planning to align with the needs of your business, and ensure a transparent, predictable experience. As part of our commitment to providing high quality and cost-effective legal services, Balch has adopted the following client service standards:


Understanding Objectives and Expectations  

Pre-Matter Planning 

Before a significant engagement, we will meet with you to make certain that we understand your expectations and objectives and that you understand our services and capabilities. This discussion will address matters such as strategy, staffing, reporting, fees, and expenses. 

Post-Matter Review 

At the conclusion of a significant engagement, we will meet with you, at no cost to you, to receive your feedback, including ways in which we can enhance and improve our services to you. 

Annual Meeting

For ongoing engagements, we will meet with you annually, or more frequently if you desire, to review your business goals and budget objectives for legal services. 



We will appropriately staff your matter so our work is accomplished in a timely, efficient and cost-effective manner, with due regard for its nature and complexity. 


We will continue to occupy leadership roles in industry trade associations, legal organizations, legislative drafting committees and other groups that enhance our ability to serve you. 


We will continue to train our attorneys so that they have the necessary legal skills to maximize their value to you. This includes in-house subject matter training, continuing legal education and professional “academies.”



You should always be able to reach an attorney working on your matter. We will respond to telephone and electronic messages as promptly as possible. 
Our bills will be easy to understand, and we encourage frank communication about fees and expenses. 

Status Reports 

We will provide calendaring reminders, matter updates, and reports in the format and to the recipients you desire. 
At your request, we will provide for internal distribution of important draft documents and pleadings as you direct. 
At your request, we will establish a secure and confidential extranet site that will allow us to access and exchange documents and other information with you. 

Value Added Options

We will provide realistic budget estimates or, if appropriate, offer fixed fee or other alternative fee arrangements to help you anticipate and manage your legal costs. 
At your request, we will provide on-site training to appropriate groups in your company related to the matter we are handling for you. 

Open Door Policy 

Mutual cooperation and openness and professionalism enhances our ability to achieve a positive outcome on your matter. If you are dissatisfied in any way with our services, you should feel free to contact the Managing Partner of our firm, Stan Blanton (Direct Dial: 205-226-3417). We will address your concerns promptly.