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NERC Issues Essential Reliability Services Task Force Measures Framework Report

On December 17, 2015, NERC issued an “Essential Reliability Services Task Force Measures Framework Report”.  The report focuses on three aspects of essential reliability services: frequency support, ramping capability, and voltage control.  The 138-page report is intended to help industry “understand and prepare for the change in resource mix, which includes the increased use of variable energy resources, the retirement of conventional generating units, advances in distributed energy resources and other changes to traditional generation resources.”  NERC also included a 2-page abstract that helps to provide the report’s information and reliability considerations in “a condensed, high-level manner.” The abstract also contains links to three videos describing the basics of essential reliability services in easy to understand terms.

To view NERC’s report, click here.

To view NERC’s announcement, click here.

To view NERC’s abstract, click here.