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NERC Files Rules of Procedure Compliance Filing

On March 3, 2016, in Docket Nos. RR15-2-001 and RR15-2-002, NERC filed a compliance filing in accordance with FERC’s November 4, 2015 order directing NERC to propose Rules of Procedure revisions that reflect certain components of the risk-based Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement Program.  NERC’s compliance filing provides proposed changes to the Rules of Procedure adding language to codify NERC practices already in place, such as publicly posting Compliance Exceptions and providing FERC staff with a non-public, preliminary notice of self-logged matters.  NERC also inserted language into the Rules of Procedure that sets forth the Regional Entities’ self-logging review period and modifies NERC’s and the Regional Entities’ data retention requirements to explicitly include self-logging data and related information.

To view the filing, click here.