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FERC Issues Order Granting Access to NERC Databases

On June 16, 2016, in Docket No. RM15-25, FERC issued Order No. 824 amending its regulations to require NERC to provide FERC and its staff with access, on a non-public and ongoing basis, to certain databases compiled and maintained by NERC.  FERC will now have access to: (1 the Transmission Availability Data System; (2) the Generating Availability Data System; and (3) the protection system misoperations database.  Access to the databases is limited to data regarding U.S. facilities provided to NERC on a mandatory basis and will provide FERC with information necessary to determine the need for new or modified Reliability Standards and to better understand NERC’s periodic reliability and adequacy assessments.

To view Order No. 824, click here.