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FERC Issues Letter Order Approving Revisions to VRFs for IRO-018-1 and TOP-010-1

On December 14, 2016, in Docket No. RD-16-6-001, FERC issued a delegated letter order approving revisions to the Violation Risk Factors (VFR) designations for Requirement R1 in Reliability Standard IRO-018-1 (Reliability Coordinator Real-Time Reliability Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities) and Requirements R1 and R2 in Reliability Standard TOP-010-1 (Real-time Reliability Monitoring and Analysis Capabilities) from “medium” to “high.” NERC submitted the revisions to the Commission on November 2, 2016. Interventions, comments and protests were due December 7, 2016. No interventions, comments or protests were received.

To view FERC’s order, click here.