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NERC Submits Comments in Opposition to Foundation for Resilient Societies Petition

On February 17, 2017, in Docket No. AD17-9-000, NERC submitted comments in opposition to the Foundation for Resilient Societies Petition filed with FERC for proposed Rulemaking to require an enhanced Reliability Standard to detect, report, mitigate, and remove malware from the Bulk-Power System. NERC believes that NERC’s enforceable Reliability Standards, current standard development activity, and other cyber security efforts adequately address the threats, vulnerabilities, and risks associated with malware detailed in the Petition. As such, NERC believes that a new Reliability Standard is unnecessary. The comments discuss currently enforceable CIP Reliability Standards, updates current standards development activities that address enhancements to the existing Reliability Standards, and highlights NERC’s other cyber security activities that do not involve mandatory Reliability Standards.

To view NERC’s comments, click here.