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NERC Requests Approval of Reliability Standard CIP-003-7

On March 3, 2017, in Docket No. RM17-11-000, NERC submitted proposed Reliability Standard CIP-003-7, Cyber Security – Security Management Controls. The proposed Reliability Standard addresses Commission directives from Order No. 822 regarding: (1) electronic access control requirements for low impact BES Cyber Systems; and (2) protection for transient electronic devices (e.g., thumb drives, laptop computers, and other portable devices frequently connected and disconnected from systems) used for low impact BES Cyber Systems. NERC also requests retirement of Reliability Standard CIP-003-6 and NERC glossary definitions of Low Impact External Routable Connectivity (“LERC”) and Low Impact BES Cyber System Electronic Access Point (“LEAP”).

To view NERC’s petition, click here